Fountains Golf Course Wedding - Royal Oak Photographer – Deanna & Shane

About The Couple

Growing up, most of our parents told us the two things you shouldn’t talk about were religion and politics.  However, anyone that knows Deanna and Shane, also knows I can’t talk about them without bringing up, religion, faith and morals. Just to keep things in context I want to define what these things mean to me.

·         Religion:  A faith or belief system governed by a group or person that heads an organization, creating rules and regulations their followers should live by.

·         Morals: A set of rules you imply to govern yourself.

·         Faith: A trust in a being other than yourself. For example, when my dog gets out of the yard I have faith he will return on his own.

I never ask my couples what religion they belong to, I only need to know, where to be, and what parts of the ceremony are important, so that I am able to provide photos that my couple will love.  While I don’t know what religion Deanna and Shane practice, I do know they have a lot of faith, in both their beliefs, and each other.  


Getting Ready

The Woodside Bible Church provided, what happens to be the coolest room for the guys to get ready in that I have ever seen.  Complete with video-game systems, a pool table, a giant checker board, and comfortable lounge seating.

The ladies had a changing area with separate dressing rooms, a vanity with three mirrors, and a beautiful window to let in natural light.

Before heading to the ceremony Deanna and Shane wanted a chance to pray together. Typically, we would find a corner for them to stand around, unfortunately we weren’t able to find anything suitable for that purpose. This meant that the first test of their faith in each other as husband and wife came before the ceremony took place.  Standing face-to-face with their eyes closed they said a quiet prayer and headed back to their perspective getting ready areas.


The Ceremony

Some people will come up with big ideas on how to make their wedding unique. Sometimes these ideas turn out spectacular, and other times they flop. The big idea for Deanna and Shane was “Heaven on Earth,” with royal blue as their color theme. The execution of this idea could not have been better. Everyone was surrounded by white backdrops, and drapes hanging from the ceiling, accented with blue up-lighting. It had the feeling of being inside a cloud. It was topped off with a harpist and singing. 


The Reception

Fountains golf course provided the perfect backdrop for formal photos.  Even though there was a threat of rain and eerie clouds in the distance, their gazebo was the perfect spot.  It overlooked a small pond and fountain that provided both a beautiful backdrop for photos as well as shelter if it started to rain.

 I was very impressed with the setup at Fountains: 

·         The reception itself had lots of room to move around.

·         A balcony overlooking the golf course.

·         A spacious dance floor.

·         The wait staff was very attentive.

·         Plated style dinners with both chicken and steak.

After some dinner, cake, and dancing, Deanna and Shane made a grand exit - Cinderella style. Deanna dropped her shoe on the dance floor, leaving her Prince Charming to find whose foot fit in the shoe (to the Benny Hill theme song).

To end the night, we walked out to the 18th green where the fountain was now lit up for the night.  We let the magic surround this Cinderella and her Prince Charming.  I wish them both a Happily Ever After. 

A special thank you to those who helped make Deanna & Shane's wedding a Fairy Tale.

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