Firefighter Park Wedding - Troy MI wedding photographer - Amy & Jason


Weddings have many traditions, from many cultures, over thousands of years. Some couples choose to embrace those traditions, while others choose to break them.  In the end through all the veils, dresses and parties, it comes down to four people. Two people in love, an officiant, and a witness.  Some couples choose to have something intimate, instead of the big elaborate wedding.  There are lots of reasons. You may be traveling and only a few people can come along, maybe you get nervous in front of crowds, or maybe your family is small and you have only a few close friends.


Getting Ready

This was the case with Amy and Jason. I arrived at Amy’s home around 1:00 and it was hot, my car thermometer said it was 101°F. Normally I would have worn a suit, but the weather prediction was to be the hottest day of the year. Jason did not hesitate to remind Amy that she picked the day. I started taking shots of her dress, jewelry, and shoes before she put them on, even inside the house it was starting to heat up. As she stepped away to put on her sheath wedding gown from David’s Bridal in Madison Heights. I noticed all of the wonderful little decorations she had placed around her sunroom and back yard. She told me that she had made all of them including a wooden backdrop for the ceremony location. 


Firefighters Park

There was no wedding party so Jason, Amy, and I went to Firefighters Park in Troy for their formal photos.  Despite the heat and glaring sun we got some wonderful shots. I treated it more like an engagement session than a wedding day.  Because of the heat we cut the session shorter and headed back to Amy’s house for the ceremony.



Amy and Jason said their vows in front of their closest friends and family.  After exchanging rings and lighting a unity candle. They had their first kiss as husband and wife, their family and friends cheered, it only encouraged them to kiss longer.  We made our way to the sun-room so Jason and Amy cut the cake. It was a two tier red velvet cake with little flowers place all over from Sweet Dreams Bakery in Warren. I said my good-byes as they prepared for dinner, thankful to be in my car with the AC blowing ice cold.

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