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About Me,

I believe in acting out fairytales. For instance, when I put on my snowsuit to clear the sidewalks, I become…  <wait for it> The Snow Blower Fairy! 

I believe in paying it forward, especially when it’s fun! I've been known to clear the whole neighborhood without asking. (As the Snow Blower Fairy, of course - and no, I haven’t been arrested... yet.)

I believe in the photobomb. From the classic tongue-out, to an epic plank, creating the great photobomb is more art than science.

I confess to cleaning my house even when no one is coming over.

I also confess to being a wine snob, and sometimes choose a restaurant based solely on their wine list.

I believe in inventing song parodies about my son’s day at school, because creating "silly" is an important discipline for a happy life.

I believe in unplanned things, as well as the planning that makes them happen.

I believe in the power of nickname greatness. (It may, or may not be because I have a tough time remembering names.) Can you guess what yours would be?

I also believe in the grand value of traditions... and knowing when to bend them

Tell me how you fell in love over a glass of wine . . . or three.

Packages Starting At $2500

“Justin is doing a phenomenal job catching not just people in his pictures, but personalities. He has a way to incorporate special things and he is really fun to work with. He considers wishes and displays everyone in the best way!!! Loooved it.”
— Francie Goins
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