Bridesmaids, & Groomsmen, & Rings! Oh My!

Every bride and every wedding is as unique as a tiny little snowflake. Although they may have similarities each are special in their own way. Focusing on those differences is what makes special memories for you, and your guests. Your bouquet, your wedding jewelry, your dress, your location, and of course the people involved in your special day. 

Who knows you best? Your friends, your family, and your future spouse. All of these people have taken the time to get to know you, they celebrate with you, they cry with you, and they share fond memories with you.  They will remember the little details that made your wedding different from all the others. 

In time, memories fade, and yes there will always be moments that no one will ever forget, but some of those memories will start to drift away. That is until you pick up your wedding album and all those wonderful memories come flooding back. Then you can remember how beautiful your maid of honor’s speech was, how nervous you were as you walked down the aisle, and how loved you felt during your first dance. 

All it took was a little glimpse into you wedding day to remember the sounds of your guests clapping after your first kiss; the smells of your beautiful bouquet; the sounds of music as you danced; it’s just a roller-coaster of emotions. What a wonderful day you had, and the best part is getting to relive it whenever you want. Creating memories is what I do best, so take the next step CLICK Here.