7 Tips For Feeling Your Best In Front Of The Camera

So, you’re not a professional model? I get it. Some brides get anxious and nervous in front of the lens. How do you handle that anxiety that pops up when a camera is pointed at you? Well, let me share some tips and tricks that may help you get ready for the spot light on your big day.

1.       Just know, you’re not alone:

Almost everyone… model material or not, get a little nervous when they’re being photographed.  And then, it can be compounded by the fact that it’s your wedding day and all eyes are on you. If you’re not used to being the center of attention, it can very overwhelming. You may be feeling alone and isolated but remember, most people in your position would feel the same way.  Talk to a friend who has been recently married, and ask how they felt. You might find some similarities, and a little comfort in knowing that others feel like you do.

2.       Practice, Practice, Practice:

Engagement shoots are not just around to create save the dates.  They are the best opportunity for you to find your comfort zone. Relax and just have fun with it. You will probably find is that at some point in your engagement session you’ve relaxed, and you’re having more fun than when you got started – YAY! If after one session you still find yourself nervous ask your photographer for another. Keep practicing until you are comfortable letting your personality shine. It will make a big impact on your photos. It’s also a great time to visit tip number 4. Consider it a test driving your photographer.

3.       Have a boudoir session:

Some of the most awkward wedding photo moments happen while you’re getting ready.  You may be partially dressed, getting your hair done, or makeup put on and you look over and there’s the camera lurking in the corner (I know sounds creepy right). These should be fun moments for you and your friends, but instead you’re more worried about how you’re going to pick up that hair pin off the ground without showing your goods to the camera. Not to mention getting into your dress. I KNOW!!

What’s the solution? A boudoir photo shoot. Traditionally, it’s intended to be a sexy gift to your spouse to be, but it doubles as ‘get more comfortable with being in front of the camera’ opportunity.  This also helps you become more comfortable with your photographer being in the room, while you are down to your skivvies.  That putting on the dress moment becomes a happy memory between you and your friends instead of you feeling spied on.

4.       Pick the right photographer:

Not all photographers are created equal. No, I’m not talking about image quality, I’m talking about personality! Finding someone compatible with you and your future spouse is just as important as their photographic style. They are telling your wedding story, how you magically fell in love, and the fairytale ending that is your wedding. Their images should reflect who you are as individuals and as a couple.  The more compatible you are, the quicker you will be comfortable, the easier it is for your personality to shine through. This is the beginning of your happily ever after. Make sure the memories along the way are worthy of your love story.

5.       Have a drink with your photog: 

No cameras, no business… Just people getting together, having a drink, and getting to know one another. You never know, you might even become friends.

6.       Turn the tables:

Pick up a camera and start taking pictures of your photographer. Try to pose them, just for fun, let your photographer squirm for a bit. There’s nothing quite like a little fun to help ease your anxious mind.

7.       Be open and honest:

It’s hard to share your fears and insecurities.  Just remember, we are not here to judge you. We are here to make you look your absolute best.  From making sure your hair covers your ears, hiding a scar you don’t want to show, to feeling frustrated that you can’t get a pose right… If you have a concern voice it! We can help you find a solution. After all you are the star of your wedding photos. Don’t settle for awkward faces in uncomfortable situations. Create something you would be proud to show off in your wedding album.