6 Skills Your Wedding Photographer Should Have

When you think of hiring a wedding photographer, the first thing that pops in your head are pretty images. Making the decision on which one to hire a daunting task. All the photos look good so how do you choose?  Look for these skills in the photographer you looking to hire, and don’t be afraid to ask them directly. This is your day, make sure you have someone with your goals in mind.


1.       Good Quality Images: 

This shouldn’t have to be on the list, but unfortunately there are some bad eggs out there.  Photographers with only a few good pictures, and photo thieves.  Tip: Ask about the couple in a photo, go into a little detail, or ask to see the whole wedding from your favorite image. If they can’t, either the other images are poor or they simply don’t have them. Asking one or both questions can root out a poor or fake photographer, and can save you from a big heartache down the road.

2.       Flash Photography:

Another skill you would expect any wedding photographer to have.  Natural light can be a huge part of a beautiful photo. But what happens when the sun goes down? If your photog doesn’t know how to use a flash, that special first dance photo, becomes a fuzzy blob on a black background. Tip: Ask to see reception some photos.

3.       Crowd Control:

Is your photog a bouncer? No, of course not, but your photog should have a clear plan on how to handle your guests.  Mothers, grandmas, and cousins will try to pull a photographer in many directions. Let’s remember YOU hired the photographer for YOUR WEDDING, right? If you love random photos from your guests then let them be pulled. If you have a mom that will drag your photog off, missing your most important moments, tell them to stay close.  Tip: Setup a crowd control plan with your photog, make sure the photos you get back are the ones you want.

4.       Translate Tech Speak:  

Like many other professions, photography has its own set of technical terms and slang.  Any photographer should know that you don’t speak crop ratios, bokeh, or F/stops. You probably don’t want to take a photo class just to talk, right?  It’s much easier on you if they just say blurry background.  If you can’t understand what they’re saying, how can you be sure they know what you want?

5.       Give Advice:

Unless you plan on being married many times, it’s hard to get experience planning your own wedding.  A good photog plays two roles.  First, storyteller, this is what your hiring them for, to tell your love story from your engagement, to your wedding day. Your story is told through all the photos they take. Second, a guide or adviser. Imagine your wedding as a movie, you are the hero/heroine, falling in love, then the big beautiful wedding day with all your guests.  Your photog should be the Yoda to your Luke, Haymitch to your Katniss, Mrs. Potts to your Belle, and so on.  Taking the things you want in your wedding, and giving you some advice on how to make your dream come true.  Tip: Don’t limit yourself to only asking photography questions.

6.       Connect With You:

Your images, are just that yours. They should look, feel, and reflect who you are, as an individual and as a couple. If you want natural smiles, you should have a photog that can make you laugh. If you want to show the closeness of you and your fiancé maybe someone a bit more serious is in order. Tip: Think to yourself, “If I met this person at a party would we get along?” “Could we become friends?” If you said yes, you have just found your wedding photographer.