The Victorian Rose – Vintage Bridal Shower

Earlier in the year, I photographed a bridal shower, although I’ve photographed bridal showers before, this one stood out. It was a step back in time, the décor was perfect, and most important the food was spectacular.

The Victorian Rose is a small tea-house that serves a brunch, not just small bit-sized sandwiches but full-sized portion. Loretta Curry has owned and operated her tea house for 21 years. After having my own experience, I asked Loretta to tell me about her tea-house and what makes it so special.

A little background, Loretta started catering before she opened the tea-house itself. Loretta loves being in the kitchen and loves serving food. She often times goes home after cooking in the tea-house to make her homemade Italian stuffed shells. Unfortunately, this is delicacy you won’t find on the menu but you will find other delicious options on her menu. The ladies from the shower I photographer raved about the quiche that has three different types of cheese; Gorgonzola, fresh vegetables and served with their Victoria Rose Salad. There is also Loretta’s famous chicken pie and my personal favorite, the Extreme Victorian Rose salad with cashew chicken, dried cranberries, pecans, oranges, raspberry dressing and a scone. There are many options on the menu so it makes choosing 1 meal is difficult.

Family is the core of Loretta’s life and she loves to cook for them, all 6 of her children! She said, she always wanted to own a restaurant, so when the tea-house was up for sale she grabbed it and held tight! She said, some of her fondest memories are back in the kitchen; rolling dough with her children, teaching them to make homemade noodles, having her children work alongside her in the tea-house as they got older, and now her grandchildren coming over for tea. In fact, she said her favorite memory at the tea-house is, “When our family was on the porch and we sat to get a photograph” and this photograph is still on Loretta’s website today.

Are you considering having a bridal shower at a tea-house? Here’s why Loretta thinks it’s the perfect place to host.

1 – It’s Private

Traditionally held in someone’s home or yard, a shower is an intimate event. Rather than having it at a public restaurant or large public hall, the Victorian Rose Tea-house closes to the public for a few hours during your event, re-opening again when you shower is over. It keeps things private and intimate.

2 – It’s like stepping back in time

If your theme is a vintage wedding, the Victorian Rose will fit your style like a lace glove. Decorated with colorful teacups, and vintage china, it is truly like stepping into another era.

3 – Everything is included

Anyone who has hosted a party at their home knows that the set-up and clean-up are the worst parts of hosting. Why not skip that?!  The tea-house provides dishes, stemware, teacups, center pieces, table linens, etc.  The space is already decorated for you when you arrive, and best of all you get to leave the cleaning to the pros. It’s completely hassle-free.

4 – No need to cook

The Victorian Rose has a delicious, made-from-scratch menu. I (the photographer) had the Extreme Victorian Rose salad, which was delicious, and everyone was raving about the food. Nobody had to bring a dish or cook for everyone attending. It’s an all-inclusive tea-house; tea, food, décor – the works!

5 – You can bring you own wine

The tea-house doesn’t serve alcohol but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some! Whether it’s champagne for mimosas, or you favorite bottle of wine for an evening event.

Oh and the tea-house will even provide orange juice for those mimosas, just ask!

6 – Location

Just because you shower is over doesn’t mean you’re ready to stop celebrating. Well you’re in luck with the Victorian Rose, it is located just off the main strip of downtown Rochester. You can continue your celebrations with shopping, dining, and much more in the upscale setting of downtown Rochester.

7 – Catering

If you have a different location in mind, or perhaps a larger party than the tea-house can handle - no problem - you can always get the delicious food brought right to you!  They will still provide service and cleanup so your guests can sit back and enjoy your shower.

On a final note, I asked Loretta what her favorite part about owning the tea-house is. She said, I have a level of comfort with my clients and staff. “I have clients that are like family. I love the ability to welcome them as family.”  And as the first customer of the day came in, just like family, I saw Loretta welcome them to the tea-house, gave them hugs, and sat them at their table. Loretta’s tea-house is a true gem in right in downtown Rochester. 

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