Stoney Creek Metropark – A Vintage Wedding

Stoney Creek Metropark – A Vintage Wedding - wedding rings on books custom boxes

Outdoor weddings with no contingency always make me nervous. I think of the couple having the wedding of their dreams possibly dashed by some rain or fluke storm.  This was just the case for Ilse and Robert. She reassured me from the day she booked me that it would be “sunshine & bluebirds” all day.

Getting ready

It turned out that she was right. The morning started off cool, dew in the grass, and a slight breeze. I arrived at her bridesmaid Tamie’s house around 8 am.  Some of the tables were starting to be set for the reception here later. I went inside to give Ilse a hug and congratulations before she started to get ready. The makeup artist and hair stylist were putting the final touches on her and her bridesmaids.

Everything surrounding me was antique. Ilse’s dress although just made, looked as if it fell out of the early 1900’s. She would wear what I could only assume was a very old pearl necklace and earrings, combined with sapphire blue shoes that reminded me of Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

It was time to meet up with the guys. By the time I got to Robert and his merry groomsmen they were ready to go. Robert could not stop smiling in anticipation of making Ilse his wife. After some words from the best man and a toast. Robert opened a gift from his soon to be wife. A gorgeous pocket watch which I was told came from Ireland.  I couldn’t imagine Robert’s smile getting any bigger yet there it was for me to see.

I arrived in the room where Ilse would get dressed. just before her maid of honor would give a small mimosa toast. Ilse had forgotten the special champagne flutes that were gifted to her.  I reassured her something was bound to go wrong today, if the only thing that goes wrong is some missing glasses you are in for a wonderful day.  After some wonderful words from the maid of honor they toasted to Ilse’s good fortune on having such a beautiful wedding day.  Ilse opened her gift from Robert, a pair of antique sapphire earrings that complimented her dress perfectly.

The Ceremony at Stoney Creek Metropark

Robert now blindfolded, he and Ilse rode off to Stoney Creek Metropark for the first look.  As we arrived we looked down the hill at a lake, the wind had picked up enough to cool us off but not enough to be bothersome. In front the lake I had Robert’s mother remove the blindfold so he could see Ilse for the first time on their wedding day. Mouth open in complete awe Robert’s face was priceless. After a few moments and letting him take it all in. We took a few formal photos with the immediate family, bridesmaids and groomsmen that were there to share the moment.

At the ceremony site, the wind still blew but it was broken up by the trees that surrounded us, the sun glinted through the leaves in patches of light. Flowers hung from the chairs on each side of the aisle. A small rug marked the spot where Ilse and Robert would soon be married. Michael the officiant was dressed as I imagine a priest from the Middle Ages would be. Robert wearing his tuxedo and top hat started to walk down the aisle with groomsmen and bridesmaids in tow. Finally Ilse graced down the aisle alongside her mother who would give her away. The couple exchanged rings followed by hand fasting, and said their I do’s.  As they made their exit their guests clapped, cheered, and cried. 

The Reception

In true vintage fashion Tamie’s yard was a step back in time. There were vintage glasses, tea cups, and china. They had rented vintage furniture to be set in the yard for guests to enjoy.  There were games like you would have found at a turn of the century reception, bocce ball, ring toss, and croquet to name a few. As their guests enjoyed their meals and drinks the newlyweds made their rounds ensuring that every guest was thanked for their attendance. With the wedding day coming to a close, Ilse and Robert made their escape in true tradition with a just married sign and cans to decorate their care as they left. As I packed up my gear to go home, I became a believer in the sunshine and bluebirds that Ilse had predicted over a year before.

A few extra notes

For information on having your wedding at Stoney Creek Metropark follow this link.

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Ilse hired a day of wedding coordinator. Debbie and her team setup and tore down the ceremony site and reception.  To learn more about Debbie and her services please follow this link.

To learn more about why you should hire a wedding planner click here.