Here's to a Bubbly wedding exit..

You’re leaving the church and you gave your bridal party and guests those little bottles of bubbles to blow as you’re whisked away in our chariot. It like a glistening wonderland of bubbles! You’ve pinned this moment on Pinterest and you just can’t wait to see what your photos look like. So you get your photos from your photographer and there are very few to little bubbles visible. What happened? You remember all of the bubbles surrounding you.

Well, from a photographer’s perspective, the issue is pretty simple - it’s the size of your bubbles. When you purchased those little bottles of bubbles you may not realize how tiny those bubbles really are. So even though your eyes could see every bubble in the moment the camera can’t.

But you really want to have bubbles, how do you get that effect? The answer is as simple as the problem, get bigger bubbles. Well, as a budget conscience bride that’s right where your mind goes to the bottom line. No one wants to waste money on little unnecessary novelties and trinkets. So bubbles, are they worth the money or should you nix it? Well let’s do some math.

If you have 150 guests and you decide to go with the inexpensive bottles of larger bubbles at $1.10 each that’s $165.00. The tiny bubbles will cost you $5.00 for 50 bottles or for 150 guests that’s only $15 so that’s reasonable so I understand why you would choose the tiny bottles. So we go back to the original question, how can we get the photo you want without blowing the budget on bubbles?  

Give your bridal party the big bubbles, five bridesmaids + five groomsmen = $11.00. Your bridal party is your wedding day gang. They will be the closest people to you during most of the evening so spend a little bit of money and get the big bubbles for just them. You’re not breaking the bank but you can still get the shoots you pinned on Pinterest.

I know I stress this point a lot but it really is that important, talk to your photographer about your plans. They may have to make adjustments to get the shot right for you.

Keep in mind the same concept applies to confetti, streamers, and flower petals. If they are too small you may not see them in your photos. These are important details you need to tell your photographer. Run your ideas by your photographer - they may be able to share tips that will help you make your photos into the bubblicious photos of your dreams!

Justin Duff

Other end of the lens