What is a composite?

Believe it or not you’ve seen composites before. Many people just don’t know they have seen a composite or know what it really is. All you have to do is open a newspaper or magazine. Composites are everywhere and they come in all different forms: advertisements, magazine covers, posters, billboards, etc.

So what exactly is a composite? Simply put, it’s merging together multiple photographs in to one final photograph (or composite). Have you ever cut out a photo of your head and put it on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body? Or turned your son into the karate kid? You created a composite. Yes, most people can look at it and know it is not real but with modern digital photography, composites can make those very unreal photos into a very realistic possibility.

Many times Art Directors or Marketing Firms will send out different photographers to take photographs of models, landscapes, food, etc. Well, many of these photos aren’t even taken on the same day! One could be taken on Monday, a different photographer could take a different picture on Wednesday, and then the final product is assembled on Friday.

No, we get it, you’re not an Art Director so who cares? Well, how about those earlier thoughts of having Schwarzenegger arms? With some swift Photoshop skills and an experienced photographer you can make Schwarzeneggar arms actually happen. It’s a blend of photography, some graphic design work and your ideas and the possibilities become endless. I’m here to tell you yes, you CAN be a Jedi Knight, a wizard from Harry Potter, or even fly like Superman.

Composites open up a world of possibilities - perhaps you have your own unique ideas? Let’s turn your engagement photo into a playful battle as samurais, or turn your family portrait into a family of angry birds. You can make your composite as unique as you are and all you have to do is open up your imagination and the sky’s the limit!

Justin DuffComment